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Case Study - Loyalty Promotion



In preparation for Cyber Monday, American Apparel needed a campaign that would kick start the busiest season of the year, in which 25%+ of the revenue for the year is generated. Objectives were to create a campaign that would generate a sense of urgency, reward loyal customers, invite new customers and break through the typical pre-holiday noise.


Focus on the most loyal segment of the customer database and e-mail them a unique offer with a pass-a-long element included.
The e-mail had a 20% off coupon code good for only one week, along with the capability to send the special offer to 5 of their favorite friends.
Emails only went to the customers who had previously spent over $100 in the online store within the past year.


Achieved a new record for single day sales , beating the previous one by 20%.
Grew the customer database by 17% through the pass-a-long to a friend promotion.

Sep 25, 2011

Case Study - Search Marketing



Tasked with carefully beginning to advertise for a major apparel brand’s direct sales channel without using image ads and not upsetting the current smaller channel partners. The objective was to realize increased higher margin direct sales.


Begin with a modest media spend Target campaigns in all non-coastal regions where the majority of the smaller channel partners had a presence.


Achieved 100%+ ROI on the media spend. Grew an entire new channel of sales from $0 which is now the 3rd biggest source of direct sales revenue. Lowered the initial average cost per click from $.20 to $.09. The brand decided to double their marketing media spend due to program success. Facebook advertising is now a staple in the client’s digital advertising mix

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Case Study - American Apparel Halloween



Develop a campaign that encouraged fashion creativity and inspired participants to interact and share their creativity with others. 


Created a two part campaign giving people inspiration with our own Halloween costume ideas, based on Hollywood, and secondly created a call to action to post pictures of themselves and friends in their own Halloween costumes using American Apparel products.
The community could vote on the best costume.
The top 5 costumes received a $100 online shopping spree.


Participants linked to their costume page requesting votes using their Facebook profiles. Visits to the store increased over 100% from the same period the prior year and over 40% from the previous month.
Over 1,000 costume photos were submitted during a two-week period and average daily sales increased during the period of the promotion.

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Urban Decay - Website Design Test


Consulting on E-commerce and online marketing initiatives with Urban Decay, we helped with Search Optimization, Google Adword campaign management and conversion rate optimization I had a team pull together some design tests for their site.

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PacSun - Brand Shops


My team put together this DC Shoes brand shop to merchandise specific brand products within any easy to find and navigate shop. We created over 20 of these shops for the top brands to boost conversions, enhance customer experience and aid search optimization. 

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PacSun - Event Micro Site

PacSun Clash at Claremont is an annual event with several sponsors and event video feeds. This is part of the microsite we created. 

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PacSun - Summer Contest and Event

This was a big campaign that my team pulled together for the big event. Included the website, webcast, sweepstakes and social media elements.

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Vespa Ad Campaign - Filter Magazine

This was one of a few ads run in lifestyle publications targeting the nostalgia of the 1980s mod scene. We hired well known artist Mike Koelsch to produce this series of creative. 

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Display Ads

Some of the ad creative we developed for our various campaigns.